An exclusive making of more than 140 models

Leader in France for over 80 years, COFOX is the guarantee of a reliable provider, whether the technical, logistical and financial support.


Our service

Repair guaranteed under 24 hours

No delivery delay

Samples on request

Regular monitoring and visit of the clients

Worldwide presence

COFOX swarbs are used daily worlwilde, mainly in USA, Thailand, Israel, Algeria, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia ..

Every day, exigent professionals, mastering their craft, appreciate their unique qualities for optimum lubrication : specific act repeated many times with the assurance that it will be the right gesture , limiting to an absolute minimum consumption of grease, so the cost of lubrication.

COFOX wants to be the custodian of handmade high-end tools to help perpetuate an ancient technique but certainly like no other.


Recognized features and benefits

100% natural cotton thread: Oeko-Tex certified

Homogeneous brushing part

Galvanized steel rod

Hand finishing the twisting

Comfort of use

Homogeneous absorption of fat: more regular lubrication

No scratches from the molds